"Y.CMD Caizhongmei - 2012 Winter Order" will be held June 3 grand

Dongguan Jia Hui Garment Co., Ltd.'s European-style fashion and leisure brand "Y.CMD Ying Cai beautiful - Winter 2012 Order" will be June 3 to June 6 in Dongguan headquarters, the order will be divided into " New training sessions, dynamic catwalks, free orders "in three parts, will show you the most fashionable personality Y.CMD2012 winter new. Invites the new and old customers nationwide to participate in this event as scheduled, personally feel Y.CMD European fashion personality style, to grasp the fashion Y.CMD pulse!

The 4U Server Chassis is also called a 2u rack Server Chassis. The rack is called a 19-inch rack, U is a unit that represents the height of the server outside, and the height of 4u server chassis is 44.445mmX4 times. 2U Server Chassis is an important part of the server accessories. Its main function is to place and fix each server accessory, which plays a supporting and protecting role. In addition, the computer chassis has an important role of electromagnetic radiation shielding. It is sconstituted a chassis shell, a bracket, a cooling fan, a hard disk connection board, a hard disk box, a panel, a switch, and an indicator light.

4U Server Chassis

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