BEVOLY Women's 2012 Autumn and winter orders will be the perfect ending

May 29, 2012, a model of the British urban classic, a garment co., Ltd. under the Shanghai - a city of white-collar women 's BEVOLY 2012 Winter "classic fashion & urban Phantom CLSSIC MINIMALISM" theme of the China Merchants Conference was held in Shanghai! The investment will be launched a total of 220 styles in autumn and winter, urban lovers, urban fashion, European tour, the classic four series of memories.

This investment has agents from all over the country and cooperation intention of a total of more than 200 customers. And invited Japanese fashion industry to participate in the discussion of the Japanese market expansion.

Shanghai Yan Clothing Co., Ltd. will be the atmosphere of this order will be located in the city background, the scene seems to be integrated into London, the United Kingdom. The on-site guests are all cheering for the unique live atmosphere. The order will be beyond the usual ordering mode, but a visit to experience the costume movie feast.

Classic British style, was given a new season of BEVOLY women's design, create a woman's elegant, wise, cute character, this season's autumn and winter style to urban romantic background as the heritage, continuation of British urban classics, high-quality fabrics, smooth lines, Clearly showcase British fashion classic, women's soft, capable, and charming to the other side to be modified. Precise workmanship is the most desirable place in the series.

City lovers: the retro color romantic passion to be accurately cut, the performance of romantic women, passionate soft side.

Urban style: concise attention to detail, color-oriented neutral, details of the perfect place.

Europe trip: the background of the four major cities in Europe as a blueprint for the free and unrestrained city tour.

Classic memories: Follow the British court's retro elements, European lines are the focus of this series.

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