Four highlights stunning Royal Baby 2012 "Tong Sheng Tong Sheng" autumn and winter conference

In 2012, the "Baby Baby" push in 2012, the famous baby products brand Royal Baby to develop a more effective win-win cooperation mode, start a new round of national expansion plans, with confidence and create a new career situation. "Tong Ai Tong Sheng" autumn and winter 2012 new product release and investment conference ended successfully Recently, the Royal Baby 2012 "Tong Tong Tongsheng" autumn and winter release of new products and investment conference was held in Xiamen and successfully concluded. The two-day autumn and winter new product launching and investment conference attracted nearly 400 new and old customers from 31 provinces and cities nationwide to participate. The Royal Baby brought a new season of autumn and winter new baby products with many elite business meet to meet the new high-quality fabrics Of underwear, with a new British aristocratic atmosphere out of service, a comprehensive upgrade of feeding and other supplies, as well as the new stroller and children's shoes products, praised by many customers, the ordering site of the hot once again proved the Royal Baby brand appeal. Founded in 1993, Royal Baby, rooted in Hercynian, after nearly 20 years of development, with its core products, Royal Baby cotton underwear and cotton products of the excellent quality of the market was praised and affirmed as a baby industry leader Brand, won the "CCTV China Brand of the Year" in 2011 and became the only brand in the industry that won this award. Four major product line upgrades to enhance the gorgeous gorgeous turn cotton products and underwear products is the most Royal Baby the core competitiveness of the market, known for its quality and reputation. It is reported that this new conference, the Royal Baby fall / winter 2012 new product has a major breakthrough: First, heavyweight children's clothing products attack; Second, a comprehensive upgrade of baby daily necessities; Third, Royal Baby independent research and development of the stroller, Baby shoes debut; Fourth, silver nano-technology applied to the fabric, the original royal baby underwear product quality to a new height. This year, Royal Baby Kids launched a total of four series, Fantasy Odyssey series, European style series, British style series, Happy Angel series, including underwear and outerwear. Soft and comfortable fabric, the use of cute pattern elements, meticulous workmanship and unique style of the mood to bring the baby elegant fashion. The launch of this new product, Royal Baby to showcase the customer a new series of upgraded supplies, especially baby care products and feeding supplies make people's eyes bright, safer bottle material, cost-effective care products, much customer favor. The independent research and development of stroller is also a fresh appearance at this new conference, all-aluminum alloy material and multi-functional applications to fully meet the needs of children and mothers travel. At the same time the introduction of children's shoes is a new category developed by Royal Baby, the color continues four series of children's clothing, strong sense of design. Royal Baby veteran classic - Baby lingerie series also have new performance. Royal natural selection of fine natural cotton fabric, with soft, comfortable, breathable features. The nano-silver technology used in underwear fabrics, it is the first time in the industry. According to reports, nano-silver antibacterial textiles can kill 650 kinds of bacteria, mildew moth, and release far infrared, beneficial to the user's health, the benefits for the general fabric unmatched. These changes indicate that Royal Baby's product line in 2012 has been fully updated and upgraded. At the same time, it has also completed the successful transformation of the integrated baby brand to meet the "one-stop" shopping needs of consumers.

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