Art market shrinks rational market into collector's gospel

With the global economy uncertain, the Chinese art market has gradually become more rational. Even if Poly currently auctions the highest total amount of auctions, the spring shoot exceeds RMB 3 billion, which is only 50% of the 2011 spring shoot. Although some market participants believe that the art market “is difficult to re-appear”, we should see that a rational market can bring more opportunities for collectors.

There are experts who analyze art auctions. The first thing to see is the turnover and the price of the finest items. Take the most noteworthy porcelain miscellaneous part of the Christie's spring auction, although the total turnover of 444 million Hong Kong dollars, down 40% from 739 million in the same period last year, but the transaction price of some of the treasures is still worthy of attention, like the Qing Dynasty Qianlong period The bronze enamel bronze engraved statue of the Qing Dynasty was passed down to the old possession of the Qianlong emperor Xuan Sun and was later collected by the Japanese royal family. The lot was traded for HK$28.66 million. It was once sold at Sotheby's in London in 2007 and was sold for HK$6.99763 million.

Although there is such a large increase, it seems to many in the industry that if it is put in last year, it will be no problem to shoot 40 million to 50 million Hong Kong dollars. However, for the collectors who bought this porcelain, they actually benefited. When Japanese businessman Saito took Britain's "meat flesh" to sell Renoir's "Moulin Rouge Dance" and Van Gogh's "Portrait of Doctor Gachet," the real collectors were given the opportunity to collect the two fine paintings. Today, when speculators throw out the artwork they had purchased in the past two years, they may be able to let collectors own it at a more reasonable price.

In the past two years of the auction market, the sky-high myth has caused many investors to dizzy. It is a common practice to earn five times in three years and double in half year. But in fact, this is not in line with the law of growth of artworks. According to authoritative statistics, in the past 10 years, the stock's annual return rate was only about 2%. It has not yet outperformed inflation, and the annual return rate of artworks is 19%.

If an artwork gains too fast in the first two years, the callback in the coming period will be inevitable. A boiling feast made with art, vision, courage, money, greed, and deceit, one intoxicated one, through ancient and modern spirits. This is our previous art auction market. Behind one crazy record, the art market is filled with speculators who stocks stocks, do steel, and build houses. But the bubble will burst one day. The bursting of the bubble is a disaster for speculators, but it is not a disaster for the art market. On the contrary, it will bring more opportunities to the art market. When real collectors discover the opportunities that exist, they can make art. The true value of the product is fully demonstrated.

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