LILY2012 winter new conference ended successfully shine retro and folk style

On the evening of May 28, 2012, the well-known fashion brand LILY held a new winter conference 2012 in the South Bund landmark Water House, which is full of retro artistry. On the beach in the most fashionable people, media representatives, LILY partners across the country nearly 600 guests gathered to witness the LILY2012 winter new bright bloom! More popular models known Eseebaby and various fashion ladies stunning appearance let the scene popular, murder countless film.

With the overlap of light and shadow and sometimes dynamic, sometimes melodious music, models dressed in LILY brand new winter clothing gorgeous appearance in the long stretch of the stage, bringing all the guests present LILY for the upcoming 2012 winter well-prepared Fashion feast. It is reported that this season's new product is divided into two themed series: "60's Metropolitan Art" (OFFICE occasions) and "modern hunting" (SHOPPNG occasions), which also indicates that swept the winter this year will be "retro" and "folk "Two major fashion elements.


"60's Metropolitan Art" series of new products: simple and clean lines and silhouette, thick and saturated colors, coupled with the rich and varied fabrics, vintage highlight the good fashion attitude, flowing out of fashion in the 60's unique Elegant style. Color to white, black, navy, fire red, bright cobalt blue and dark green and other bright colors dominate the eye-catching atmosphere of the geometric lines and excellent plasticity fabric fusion, highlights the feeling of the times. Elegant and intellectual urban style, and fine neat and free temperament weaving into a unique fashion taste, LILY with a unique cut, classic design, create a new female workplace simple and elegant, stylish and elegant urban style.

LILY2012冬季新品发布会圆满落幕 闪耀复古与民俗风

"Modern hunting" series of new products: the classic minimalist profile, stitching different materials, instantly burst into the sense of power, wear a super momentum. Fur and feminine fabrics to the ultimate contrast to charm flavor upgrade, mix and match pattern with unfathomable jungle collided with a new beauty, ethnic style into the fashion elements enough to highlight the fashion style. Slender warm lines, the sense of arbitrary profile, simple plain like a bustling city in a hint of quiet and comfortable, publicize the atmosphere without losing introverted. This series show in front of people is the ultimate elegance and chic style, is the fashion attitude pursued by LILY.

Sensitive trend of the tactile, three-dimensional cut elements, rich fabrics stitching, with a strong visual impact. The conference launched the new visual language to convey the winter of 2012 fashion style to OFFICE and SHOPPING the perfect match of the two series, highlights the elegant and confident, independent and optimistic fashion style.

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