Knowledge Women's most recommended underwear brand - Na Sunsha (LaSENZA)

LASENZA from Canada, Na Sheng Sha is a combination of fashion and noble romantic perfect combination of one of the top international brand of lingerie , with its simple, stylish design won the many women's favorite. Since its founding in 1990, LaSENZA has been dedicated to the pursuit of excellence with the dedication and dedication to which its customers are committed to excellence and excellence. With simple, stylish design style Na Sheng Sa (LaSENZA) rapidly swept North America, a young knowledge of women's most recommended underwear brand. According to the authoritative agency survey, LaSENZA is the fastest growing and highest-selling women's underwear brand in Canada's history, and is also the internationally recognized and fastest-growing high-quality underwear brand.


The remarkable success of LaSENZA depends on a strong integrated operating system. The system was created to give LaSENZA full customer commitment and dedication, as well as the relationship between LaSENZA and its franchisees around the world. LaSENZA's service concept is "Get Your Appreciation" as a philosophy to make every customer feel welcome. A young, dedicated, talented and passionate management team that continuously validates and promotes LaSENZA brand in Canada and beyond.

Now LaSENZA has 482 stores worldwide in 14 countries around the world: Canada, China, United Kingdom, United States, Kuwait, Poland, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Bahrain, Qatar, Indonesia, Lebanon, Malaysia. Occupy more than 20% market share. And through a rigorous franchise management system, to ensure that all Na Sheng Sha (LaSENZA) stores can achieve world-class standards.

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