Enterprise Network Marketing Innovation

[China Glass Network] sweeping the world, large and small businesses and all kinds of consumers are increasingly accepting the changes brought by the network, and network marketing has gradually become the mainstream of modern marketing because of its unique advantages. As if overnight, many SME websites have sprung up like mushrooms. The data shows that there are currently 700,000 corporate domain names in China, most of which are owned by SMEs.

In this online marketing war, the active SMEs did not achieve the expected good record. Among the more than 20 million SMEs in China, less than 1 million are using the Internet to develop their markets, and less than one-tenth of them have achieved certain results. It can be seen that although the concept of network marketing is very hot, the ability of SMEs to apply online marketing is still relatively weak. Therefore, how to guide Chinese SMEs to develop online marketing is indeed a matter of concern.

In recent years, with the popularity and development of the network, enterprises have developed rapidly with the help of the network. More and more SMEs have noticed the necessity of network marketing, and have chosen a diversified approach to join this mighty network marketing trend. Whether it is traditional corporate website construction, search engine marketing, online advertising marketing, online membership marketing, or the rise of B2B and C2C marketing in recent years, it has greatly enriched the choice of marketing methods for SMEs. In addition, advertising alliance marketing, blog marketing, forum marketing, and online yellow page marketing are also favored by some SMEs. However, behind the excitement, the misunderstandings emerging in online marketing have become an unavoidable problem for SMEs.

The portal website and bidding ranking of self-established enterprises are the main means for SMEs to conduct online marketing in recent years. Many companies believe that as long as they build a website and take the lead in the search engine bidding rankings and have high traffic, a large number of customers will come to the door. However, according to the survey, the current status of online marketing is that more than 95% of visitors did not actively contact the company after browsing the website. Although the company provides these visitors with various ways to make further contact: phone number, mailing address, QQ, MSN, E-mail, etc., it is often difficult to retain visitors, but it can not bring more realistic marketing goals: sales growth .

Although the establishment of autonomous websites enables the supply and demand sides to realize the "existence" on the Internet, but each other is still in an isolated state, it is difficult for the buyer to find the required seller information, and the online information released by the seller is difficult to truly spread the role. As a result, B2B and B2C e-commerce websites were launched. These websites assumed the role of the communication platform between buyers and sellers, and initially established “association” between them. However, for those companies that have already invested money in e-commerce platforms, the more feeling is that capital investment has made the third party brilliant. With a large number of enterprise information injection platforms, e-commerce platforms have begun to use the popularity to attract more corporate information and capital injection, and thus fame and fortune. The performance of many small and medium-sized enterprises has not improved due to the prosperity of the e-commerce platform.

Some experts have pointed out that SMEs currently have five major misunderstandings in network marketing: First, the purpose is unknown, some companies blindly follow the trend, have no clear goals and clear strategies, waste a lot of manpower and material resources; second, the pursuit of form, website It seems very lively, but there is very little effective information, and it can't attract customers effectively. Third, I don't know how to promote. Some companies believe that “the wine is not afraid of the alley”; the fourth is blind choice. When some companies choose Internet marketing services, there is no scientific selection. The method is only blindly based on the reputation of the service provider or on the surface of the price; the fifth is that it does not know how to evaluate, some companies do not know how to conduct the assessment, there is no tool to evaluate or no one to evaluate.

“It took a lot of money, but it didn’t receive the expected results.” This is the sentiment of many SMEs after experiencing the Internet marketing boom. In the lessons learned from the purchase of a large amount of money, the lesson of "the network is not multifunctional" is placed in front of SMEs. However, for small and medium-sized enterprises with weaker strength, the network has become “marketable” for SMEs with “low cost, interactivity, wide scope, long-term effect and strong effect” (Continued letter to the Internet) One page of content), if used well, can really do more with less. The data shows that the cost of online promotion is only one-tenth of that of direct mailing, and the average cost of advertising using the Internet is only 3% of that of traditional media. Then, after encountering many difficulties, how should SMEs develop network marketing avenues from multiple aspects?

Website "three"

Currently, there are at least 350 million web pages, 1.5 million web sites, and hundreds of millions of pieces of information on the Internet. In such a vast space, a corporate web page is like a drop in the ocean. Therefore, how to promote the website is a prerequisite for online marketing and better results. In the way of advertising URLs, many companies choose search engines and bidding rankings. However, companies often find that the results are not good, and the reason is in the planning of corporate websites: the structure of the entire website is not uniform; some columns are blank, and the columns with content are not related to the keywords selected by the website. Relationship; the company's offline products are not highlighted, only a simple list is displayed when the online display, there is no detailed product description. These website experiences, which make the audience feel bad, lead to the loss of potential customers. Therefore, SMEs that carry out network marketing should pay attention to “three-way”: website planning, website optimization, and website melting.

Before the company conducts online marketing and establishes its own website, it must plan the website in detail, for example, website positioning, website audience research, online market prospects research, online online competitor analysis, website overall structure planning, website. Overall color matching analysis, website main column navigation determination, website auxiliary column analysis, company product online display primary and secondary determination, website after-sales service advantages, keyword planning around company products and services, keyword content-related website content viscosity analysis, etc. Wait. When doing a site operation management from scratch, companies should not be anxious to design a website. Instead, they should conduct preliminary research and analysis based on the above planning, and then draft a document for reference when building the website. Only by considering how to factor these factors into the website can the corporate website become the real foundation of online marketing.

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