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Ochirly has always respected the young, individuality and enjoyment of the brand spirit. Taking City lifestyle as the coordinate, Smart Art as the point, integrating all kinds of fashion art elements and music inspiration into fashion, shop, advertisement and other links, as if fashion and art Headhunter brings high-quality costumes and innovative ideas to the city. It will always let the ochirly girl cling to the global fashion culture pulse, thoroughly master and enjoy the changing rhythm of urban life, and always interpret her favorite self. Confident charming temperament, as if wearing crystal shoes, Cinderella, who can not stop her toward the dream of flying.

创意无限魅力非凡 欧时力时尚女装

After years of adhering to product quality and brand connotation, Ochirly not only shows itself as a fashion brand, but also as a modern and individualized attitude towards life. It aims at the modern women who are self-conscious and independent and have the courage to express themselves. Always be self-temperament and charm, know how to love yourself, and enjoy the beauty of life. What customers feel from ochirly is a sense of ease and naturalness, the truth of the heart and the sense of engagement that goes with the trend. Today, the European power (ochirly) has become the most intimate woman know the city's fashion brand.

Toaster Bag

Toaster Bag/Toaster Bags & Oven bag

Use our great Toaster Bag to make perfect toasted sandwiches and other snacks with no mess in toaster. Simply make the sandwich, place it in the toaster bag, with the opening uppermost,put the bag into toaster. After about 3 minutes,a perfect toasted sandwich will be ready. And will be no fuss and no mess in toaster at all. Using our toaster bag, can make all kinds of toasted sandwiches, and to heat up wraps,samosas, pastries, sausage rolls, pizza slices, French fries, chicken nuggets, fish fingers, apple turnovers,and even baked beans.

Oven bag

The following is the General Characteristics:
100% non-stick
Quick and convenient
Easy to clean,simply wash and dry between uses
Keep food fresh ,retains its vitamins and minerals
Complies with food regulations,was approved by FDA,LFGB etc.

Toaster Bag & Oven bag

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