Celebrate Kang Lini underwear brand Qingyuan North Gate two stores grand opening

June 5, 2012 ushered Kang Lini underwear brand Qingyuan North Gate two stores grand opening! Kang Lui Ni underwear brand invested heavily in the streets across the country the most underwear to create underwear franchise chain stores, enough to witness the company's financial strength, management strength and the company "Kang Lui Ni" brand confidence in the future development.


Kang Lu Ni brand underwear shop store image

Kanglui underwear brand with strong price advantage, quality advantage, service advantages, brand advantages and professional sales model, profit model to create modern underwear to join the chain.


Kang Lui Ni underwear brand chain store display

Kang Lu Ni strength lingerie brand, is now in the major cities in the country formed a unified monopoly of the business network, more underwear Join For more information, please visit the Kang Lanyi underwear brand http://, you can join to share underwear chain Brand awareness and reputation brought about, you can have Kang Lui Ni express growth brought about by the stability of the customer base.


Bra display the overall effect of the product

Kang Lui brand underwear years of rich experience and superior production technology, product design in pursuit of beauty, comfort, high-quality and diversified species, insist on creating high-quality brand underwear for women! With strong price advantage, quality advantage, service advantage, brand advantage and professional sales model, profit model to build modern underwear brand franchise chain.

Welcome to visit the company, Kang Lui wish you success as early as possible to join underwear brand entrepreneurship projects, to enjoy a healthy life! Join Free Hotline:

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