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XXEZZ brand from the British-style and Italy Slim cut. We combine the essence of Britain and Italy, interesting, innovative and diversified design XXEZZ become a fresh and prominent brand. The first XXEZZ China store opened in Joy City, Tianjin in December 2011. At present, XXEZZ has been expanded to all over China, including Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Harbin, Changchun, Xi'an, Wuxi, Wuhan, Changzhou, Taizhou, Yancheng, Kunming, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

阿瑟斯 - XXEZZ

XXEZZ品牌女装 汲取欧式的时尚与精华

XXEZZ belongs to Hong Kong Mustang International Holdings Limited (Hong Kong listed company TackFioriInternationalGroupLimted, 0928.HK). In recent years, the country has aggressively expanded its retail footprint, mainly focusing on boutique apparel. Group in the Mainland existing XXEZZ and Mudd two brands, each with a professional design team, known for product design, quality, materials, in order to make products often become the expectations of customers and the fashion media.

  • Glowing Gloves
  • ♥PARTY STAR♥Perfect for clubbing, dancing, Rave, Birthday, EDM, Disco, Halloween or Dubstep Party. Show off your personality and activate the atmosphere.
  • ♥WONDERFUL LIGHTS CHANGE♥The LED finger lights have three colors: red, green and blue. Lighting gloves have 6 flashing modes: 3 color strobe, 3 color morphing, 3 color steady, red strobe, blue strobe, green strobe. Press on/off button on the battery pack to change light modes.
  • ♥BATTERY LIFE SAVER♥There is an insulated pull tab on the battery pack in each light up glove. Remove it from battery before use. When you don't use them, plug the insulated pull tab to avoid accidental switch-on.
  • ♥READY TO USE♥Each lighting glove is equipped with 2 batteries CR2016 which are easily replaceable. They come ready to give you wonderful flashing gloves.Battery continual use time: 12h.
  • ♥ONE FOR ALL♥Our raver gloves are stretchy so will fit most average sized hands. The wrist features an elastic band, no problem for children to wear them although it's a little large. Children still have fun with them. It's more suitable for ages 8+.

Glowing Gloves

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