Lann women interpretation of modern women's fashion taste

Shenzhen Grand Mercure Garment Co., Ltd., has long been a well-established brand of women's processing enterprises in the country to invest in a number of garment processing plants, the production of clothing mainly exported to Europe, the United States, Japan, in the domestic garment processing industry in a leading position .

兰恩 - LONG

" LONG Rann " women's clothing is the Shenzhen City Co., Ltd., a women 's clothing brand , since its inception, after the storm! Today's "Baron" is set clothing research and development, production, marketing, information technology in one integrated brand management clothing company. The implementation of "Directly joined the parallel" channel expansion model, the country has established more than 100 stores and shopping malls counter, a well-known women's clothing in Shenzhen.

兰恩女装 诠释现代女性对于时尚的品味

Ranun bright and clean apparel style, simple lines and bright colors with self-cultivation, emphasizing the tall and straight women slender figure, and by the details of a variety of neutral elements to add a handsome side of women, modern women interpretation of the fashion taste .

Functional Fabric include water repellency,UV Protection,Flame-retardant fabric,anti-mosquito.etc.

Water repellency can be achieved by lowering the surface energy of the fabric to prevent the water from diffusing on the garment. This function can be performed with many types of finishes and fluorochemicals are the most common and effective to use to repel both oil and water.
UV Protection fabrics block the harmful ultraviolet ray from reaching your skin. The fabrics meet the highest standard of ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) with 98% of UV radiation blocked.
and so on.

Functional Fabric

Functional Fabric,Customized Functional Fabric,Cotton Functional Fabric,Polyester Functional Fabric


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