Iraq's beauty underwear care of women in summer health

When choosing underwear summer, the most important thing is to consider the health of women. Underwear too tight, can cause melanin; Breasts tight, breasts will produce long-term chronic red stripes. Because it is easy to sweat, it will cause inflammation, so it is best to choose good absorbent and breathable cotton fabric underwear, and the size should be loose is appropriate. If inflammation is caused, it is best to go to dermatology for treatment before pigment penetration.

Select the appropriate size underwear , tight-fitting shirt should wear no chest lines or chest cloth lines, and can not be too tight, because that would make the back uneven. In addition, underwear line is also a major distress, based on the Oriental women's physical characteristics, if you do not wear 'big pants' it is difficult to avoid a small part of the buttocks to reveal underwear line. So if you want to wear tight pants to show their figure, it is best to choose T-underwear or four-legged shorts.


Select the appropriate color of underwear, underwear and color of the best clothes is similar to the color, but if you wear white clothing, you should choose flesh-colored or light-colored underwear.

The most bothered in the summer clothing is cut hanki clothes, put on the chest paste, without chestnut chest, then there is no problem at all. If you choose replaceable transparent straps, shoulder straps should not be used for a long time. Because the transparent shoulder strap is made of synthetic raw materials, skin irritation can occur if the skin is tender.

In addition, the chest is generally the life of 90 days, because after 3 months the chest stretch low, so unable to do their best, it is best not to use. The last time you sleep should not wear chest, chest chest because lying down can not play the role of Paul bit, and the skin should also take a break.

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