Glee brand Beijing Grand Hyatt brand new decoration grand opening

The day many guests gathered to enjoy the model interpretation of the new autumn and winter, showing the new New York, New Look. Gillia new autumn and winter from the global discovery of Station 26 - New York pick inspired design, the new findings in New York into the season's clothing, a rich mix of single product and exaggerated color refreshing, high-profile single product display New Yorker diversified fashion party dress.

Beijing Jun Tai shop with a new song Golia decoration, implement the brand's character: fashion + soft + nature, flowers, plants, products and the environment.


Glee brand Beijing Grand Hyatt brand new decoration grand opening

Emphasize the intellectual beauty and promote high taste but not extravagant life, vivid, concise fashion; imitation of water droplets chandeliers, modeling natural shelves, unique flower tiles and so organic combination, everywhere emphasize Gloria's intellectual and inclusive, increase Imagine space and unique brand culture.

The overall image and layout are adhering to the brand's "discovery" spirit, and through Gillia's "eyes", to lead customers from different angles and perspectives to feel the world for them to create a high quality, comfortable shopping environment and a wide range of shopping options.


Glee brand Beijing Grand Hyatt brand new decoration grand opening

It is reported that so far, Gallia in the downtown area of ​​the country's downtown block, there are more than 500 stores, the market share rising. In Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, have also opened a number of GELIA brand image stores.

Gloria has been adhering to innovative thinking, persist in the attitude to the global found that the spirit of the brand. In addition to taking care of the beautiful appearance of consumers, pay more attention to their heart. This is one of the reasons that Goliath grows fast and steadily under the increasingly fierce market competition and is endorsed and welcomed by consumers.

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