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Audrey Hepburn is a rare bright star in Hollywood, Audrey Hepburn is the source of inspiration for miss k . Her elegant, simple, generous style shows beyond the fashion realm, get a classic beauty. Miss k to create a woman like Hepburn for the pursuit, always for the modern women to create the most perfect lines and the most fashionable design. Delicate and classic romantic feeling, showing the charm of fashion women.

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Miss k until 1991, that is, the creation of bright and elegant style that won the majority of women's favorite fashion, with Shenzhen City, Seoul, New Era Fashion Co., Ltd. further development in the company actively promote the "self-confidence, I am elegant" cultural background Next, miss k women's clothing has become a model of the new female fashion, and now, miss k has become one of the most well-known women's brand .

miss k品牌女装  赫本的优雅你也可以拥有

In response to the broad prospects for the development of the domestic retail industry, Shenzhen City, Seoul, New Era Fashion Co., Ltd. as early as 1996 began to actively expand the mainland market, business strategy to the traditional direct sales approach and the modern concept of franchising, and gradually establish Taking Shenzhen as the domestic headquarters, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Wuhan five regional central cities for the direct branch and thus radiation around the full range of sales network. Have more than thirty first-tier cities opened more than seventy stores, counters. Miss k series more successfully stationed in the cutting-edge fashion in Hong Kong, Kobe, Osaka and other cities, has been recognized by many fashion women, has a stable customer base, the store's performance is very gratifying.

miss k品牌女装  赫本的优雅你也可以拥有

After many years of steady development, Shenzhen Chong Seoul, a new era of Fashion Co., Ltd. has formed a set of strict management system, a complete staffing and the pursuit of the perfect business philosophy. After great success in the field of fashion, Shenzhen SZL, New Era Fashion Co., Ltd. is actively extending the concept of miss k to other industries, making full use of brand value and forming a diversified business.

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