Where the customer quality and fashion with both hands and suppliers create flexible production capacity

There are many indications that Vanke really returned to the product standard in 2012. The CEO’s aging also pointed out recently that Vanke’s brand’s self-confidence comes from the product itself, and the product's fashion and quality have contributed to it. Then, in the past half a year, how did customers collaborate with suppliers on details such as order planning, raw material selection, style design, etc., and optimize and improve them to achieve the goal of improving quality and fashion? In recent days, by visiting a number of Vango OEM companies located in the Yangtze River Delta, the reporter learned of the practices of all customers who rely on the Internet to build their own brands.

Flexible production capacity flexibly regulates order volume It is understood that Jiangsu Century Ebara Knitting Co., Ltd. is an important supplier of the customer-knitwear product line. It has a 20-year history. It mainly produces knitted garments and partners all over the world. Its foreign partners include Adidas and H&M. And so on, the main domestic partners are Metersbonwe and Vanke Eslite.

Fanke Knitting Products Supplier, Workers of the Nantong Century Ebara Factory Line

The person in charge of the Vanke First Production Center introduced that, after several years of operation, Shiji Ebara and Vanke had formed a certain degree of tacit agreement, and this year began trial production of "flexible capacity." Compared with traditional clothing, where customers can timely feedback on sales data, so the order to the factory is not "one size fits all", but the "single order" mode, the factory's production capacity to make flexible adjustments. For example, where passengers this summer will determine 60% of orders for this winter and the following spring and autumn, the remaining 40% will be coordinated according to the sales situation. The principle of the Century will be matched by the previous raw material reserves and the integration of production lines.

"As long as I told me more than 1 month in advance, we will be able to ship on time. The factory has a daily production capacity of more than 10,000 pieces. This year's production is estimated to reach 5.2 million pieces, of which the customer's orders account for about 1/4." Chairman Huang Jishi said.

Selected raw materials Quality super-line brands in clothing materials, where the customer also made great efforts. Take the sweater products of the Ebara OEM in the century as an example, the imported Australian wool is selected, and the suppliers are all from domestic leading companies, such as Huafu Color Spinning, B&W Color Spinning, and so on. Businesses choose the IWCA franchise company. In terms of quality, Vanke stated that in addition to adopting the quality of 64 Australian wools as always, this year's lamb wool products have higher requirements on the length of goat wool fibers, and the selection of fibers is longer than before. ~10mm, spinning equipment imported from Italy and other spindles spinning equipment, effective control of yarn impurities, and improve the quality of the yarn dry. “This way, the spun yarn will be softer and softer, the new lamb fur will feel more comfortable, and the chance of 'savage' will be greatly reduced. At the same time, all dyeing uses safe and environmentally-friendly reactive dyes, and the quality of wool is strictly controlled. Selection and quality of spinning oil, such as wool oil, effectively control the odor of lamb hair."

“Where the raw materials of customers are even higher than the quality requirements of some domestic and foreign first-line brands, we sometimes can't figure out why customers sell so cheaply,” said Huang Jishi, chairman of Jiangsu Century Ebara Knitting Co., Ltd. At the same time, Huang Jishi also stated that the smooth channel for information cooperation with Vanke also brings benefits to them. “We will also look at the customer’s evaluation of OEM products on the Internet, which will help improve technology and technology. Consumers provide better products."

The supplier helps to create high-end fashion shirts. In the aspect of the product's fashion, the supplier also made some contributions to the customer. For example, Oriental International Entrepreneurship Minhang Apparel Industry Co., Ltd., which is a guest OEM shirt, cooperates with Japan's high-end shirt brand all the year round. “The exquisite Tokyo shirt is very popular among Asians. We will communicate with the designers of Fanke. Some fashionable Japanese shirt styles to enrich the category of guest shirts,” said the person in charge of the company. It is understood that every guest this year in the East International shirt orders to reach about 800,000, close to half of the factory's annual production.

Vanke Shirt Supplier, Oriental International Inspection Workshop

According to reports, Fanke shirts began to accept factory proposals from 2011. In terms of styles, the factory proposal and Vanke's own design account for 50% each, but in terms of sales volume, the factory proposal model accounts for 30% of the total. “This is because where the customer shirts are sold well, they are mainly based on the basic models.” At present, various high-end shirts such as "high-grade non-iron shirts with long-sleeved shirts," "high-grade disposable jacquard long-sleeved blouses," and "high-grade non-sticky, elegant, long-sleeved shirts" are all from the factory proposal model.

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