There are four types of popular singles in this summer.

Leading: Every season will have a different trend. Undoubtedly, this summer, it will also have its own popular tune. What is the hottest single item in this season? The popular Peplum skirt with popular index or the most retro-printed pencil pants... Stars have long been unable to bear the brunt of the trend.


Star Models: Eva Longoria, Cassie, Cameron Diaz, Nicole Scherzinger


Single product recommendation:


Bare umbilical equipment:

Star Demo: Kristen Stewart, Freida Pinto, Jaime King, Selena Gomez


Single product recommendation:


Peplum skirt:

Star Models: Charlize Theron (in Lanvin), Emma Stone (in Martin Grant), Emma Watson (in Brood), Julia Jones (in Joy Cioci), Julianne Hough (in Sally LaPointe)

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Snap Button is a kind of spring buckle.The mateiral is brass. The color could be white,black,anti brass,nickle,anti nickle. It is called S-type spring buckle (combined by S-spring). It is divided into four parts of ABCD from top to bottom. The AB surface is generally called the female buckle. It looks like a hole has a hole. Two parallel springs (actually the same one), the AB surface is generally called the male buckle. After being pressed into the hole of the female buckle, it is clamped by the spring to generate tension. The professional term is called the opening and closing force.
  In general down jackets, the metal buttons used on Leather garments are mostly four-buttons. You can understand them when you look at them.
In addition, there is a total spring buckle which is fixed by a ring spring. It is generally used in the case of a large opening and closing force such as a ski suit. It should be called a big white buckle, but there are many people who also call it a four-button buckle.

Snap Button

Metal snap buttons for jacket,Leather garments,GoldSnap button,Spring snap button


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