Moonlight Bay brand women's clothing store in Chaoshan, Guangdong grand opening

Moonlight Bay brand women's stores in Guangdong Chaoshan grand opening! Welcome to the vast number of consumers to buy! Moonlight Bay Women elegant, subtle, sensual, as always, exquisite. Chaoshan urban women will create elegant, intellectual, fashion style. Create the most wonderful Chinese chapter in life!


Moonlight Bay Brand Women's Chaoshan store in Guangdong

Moonlight Bay brand women , elegant is her nature, she hopes like to meet people who are story urban women. Her elegant but not extravagant, but not the slightest artificial meaning. She contains a sense of fashion design and urban art with a humanistic atmosphere. She was born for urban women, only dressed up as the most exciting chapter of a city woman's life. She not only shows a single fashion style, but also shows a dress culture. She will accompany urban women to work, shopping, party, PARTY, witness every day, witness every moment, so that the story of urban women staged every day.


Moonlight Bay Brand Women's Chaoshan store in Guangdong

Brand Style

Elegant, subtle, sensual, as always, exquisite. Moonlight Bay yet steady, elegant and generous design, personal smooth cut, the performance of rich details of the changes, with the series of inter-urban women to create elegant, intellectual, fashion style.

branded advantages

Years of senior women's fashion designer, extensive collection of London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Seoul and other fashion capital of the popular information from the apparel fabrics, styles, composition and other aspects of digging unique creativity, combined with the domestic urban women's personality The trend of the pursuit of design elegant, intellectual, fashion women. Moonlight Bay will launch hundreds of new models every quarter, maintaining a consistent standard of production.

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