Keep in mind 6-point easy to buy duvet

Keep in mind 6-point easy to buy duvet

Look: manufacturers that focus on quality are more credible. It is necessary to look up the registered trademark of the factory and the name, site and cashmere indicated in Chinese. At the same time, to be optimistic about the color, style and fluffy, it means good quality. Workmanship duvets, at least fine, tidy, inlay, inlay, rolling process should be crisp, stretch, and can not be distorted.

Touch: When you buy, use your hand to touch it carefully. If you touch some hair stems on one side and the other side is very soft and smooth, you should consider the fake down products made of acrylic cotton plus a little down. If the duvet feels very soft and does not touch a little stalk, consider whether it is a duvet made of smashed velvet. The high content of cashmere gives a soft feeling of touch, and the flakes are small and small. The flakes are large and hard, and the fluffy feels loose, indicating poor quality.

Shoot: Use both hands to slap the inside filler from the same part of the inside and the face in the same direction. If it is a real duvet, it will concentrate part of the down because of the shot, while the other part will shine in the place with the sun. Will be translucent. Take a shot of the down product with your hand. If there is dust or dirt on the fabric, it may be a duvet made of raw wool. Put the velvet products on the counter and gently pat it with your hands. If the fluffiness is high, it is the top grade. If it is shot after death, it is shaped like cotton wadding, or if it has fluffy hair, it is mostly a duvet made of smashed velvet.

Stack: The down is very contracted. The higher the pile, the greater the shrinkage. A down jacket can be reduced to a briefcase size, and a duvet can be reduced to a pillow size.

掂: The duvet with a high amount of cashmere is lightly swayed in the hand, and the hair is floating, and the heavy one may have a low cashmere and a heavy hand. You can also distinguish between good and bad when you buy it by hand.

Sniffing: Downs that have not undergone complicated processing and strict washing and disinfection will produce an unpleasant smell, and vice versa.

Try: The duvet cover is on the body and try it. The good quality duvet only needs to be covered for about two minutes, and it will obviously feel warm.



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