seductessa Sidai Sesa boutique women to shop for you a more brilliant career take off the road

"Seductessa Sidi Daishe " creative: from Europe, South Korea fashion trend overall style: to highlight the oriental women romantic gentle, pure and sweet, straightforward my female image. Through the fashion, leisure, simplicity of the popular elements, emphasizing the comfort of clothing, wearability and collocation, in order to show the elegance of Eastern women letter unique charm. "Seductessa" With its strong marketing and distribution system, "seductessa" is taking a more brilliant career to take off.


Hangzhou Meng Xin Clothing Co., Ltd. Brand Chinese name "Sidai Daisha" brand English name "Seductessa" Chinese meaning charm, very attractive Sidai Daisha non-custom sales, thousands of unique quarterly exclusive products, different is We pursue unique business ideas and details, will not drift.


As a closely watched brand, Szegeda has always been adhering to the ultimate philosophy, the customer first. Sri Lanka Daisy women's brand to meet all the requirements of women in the United States, after a long period of market verification and repeated exploration, the growth of a distinctive style with its own mature brand, with the rapid establishment of a good reputation and complete sales channels, so Sri Lanka妲 Daisy in many women's brands stand out, quickly occupy a strong market share, for Sze Dasel laid a good foundation for the development, Sze Diesha brand more competitive.

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