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Whenever you see the lemon, you can not help but feel a sour taste, unconsciously to drive our fanatical heart. Yes, lemon yellow is a vibrant color, no matter in that season, will be people of all ages, always bring inexplicable good mood. What color suitable to wear lemon yellow? Lemon yellow should be with what color? Follow Xiaobian's footsteps, feel the sour lemon yellow cool it.


Feixun - FASHION Women 2014 new

Maybe a lot of dull color girls will not choose this bright color clothing, will appear more yellowish skin, so it is recommended fair-skinned girls to wear it. This waist dress, skirt-type folds, the classic pleated effect to create a heavy skirt, so modeling more outstanding.

柠檬黄适合什么肤色 柠檬黄配什么颜色好看

Feixun - FASHION Women 2014 new

This lemon yellow more biased, two pieces are lemon yellow, it seems to be a Moe in the end, the shirt is five-point sleeves waist shirt, yellow deepen the edge of a tune, neat lace shorts Do not be creative, let the yellow lemon ignite your summer passion.

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