Jadeware Jade Fudou adds "Fushou" to you

Fudou, homophonic for "Fushou", meaning happiness and well-being, longevity is the wish and prayer of the younger generation. "Bean" is also ingeniously matched with "bean 蔻年年", which means that the glory is full of vigor and vitality. It is the hope of the society for young men and women, and the expectation of parents for their children. On the one hand, the fullness and mellowness of beans is the meaning of happiness, blessing and fruitfulness. On the other hand, fullness means maturity, harvest, academic success, and harvesting, which means new hope and the beginning of new life.


There are a lot of jadeite beans in the natural edge. It is transparent and beautiful. The water color of the radiance makes the full bean grain vivid and charming. The lines are simple and smooth, and they are refreshing and beautiful. The outline is simple but not simple, the calm expression and elegant temperament show the charm of oriental jade. The exquisite shape makes the beans seem to be beating, and the vitality of life is interpreted. Fine, uniform and delicate, suitable for people of all ages.

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