Amber rough identification

How to identify amber rough stone? Is there any simple and effective way? As people's popularity of amber jewelry continues to increase, more and more friends buy amber, so how to identify amber rough has become a problem. The following small series will tell you about the identification of amber rough.

Amber rough identification

The standard for identifying amber is that it is dense, crack-free and beautiful in color. The most expensive amber is highly transparent and has insects. It differs according to the clarity, shape and size of the insects. The best grades can be classified as gems. Gold, yellow-red amber is the top grade. Amber with insects is used to make ring stones and chest pendants, which are of high value. The cracks are more, the texture is softer, the color is dim, or the amber color is similar to the general stone color, and has no use value.

To falsify the truth is the most important purpose of identifying amber and other jewels and jade. Therefore, it is especially important to understand the characteristics of true amber and its imitations. There are several types of imitations: glass, plastics, resins (residual resins such as Coba resin) and synthetics. Imitations are called imitations because they mimic some of the characteristics of the real thing. The look and feel are similar to the real thing, so that people with less experience do not think it is true.

Amber is an organic gemstone that is warm and light to the touch, which makes it distinguishable from glass. The natural amber block floats in the brine and sinks in the clear water. The smell of natural amber is very special – natural amber gives off a pleasant resin odor when rubbed, heated or burned. This basic trait can help identify amber. The method of scratching the surface of the sample can also help to identify - scratching the surface of the natural amber will produce a fine powder, while the surface of the imitation of the scratched plastic will have a spiral scratch. Natural amber is easier to powder than synthetic resin blocks. If there is a large, rare and precious inclusion in amber, it is likely to be imitation. One of the characteristics of optimized amber, including those with inclusions, is that they only have a bright color on the surface, while the inside is almost colorless. Amber raw materials are precious – if its price is much lower than the current market price, we must realize that it may be a replica.

Finally, Xiao Bian reminds everyone to be more careful when buying amber, do not think that the amber stone is not fake, I hope the above introduction can help you.

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