How to weigh diamonds

How to weigh diamonds

Accurately quantifying the quality of diamonds can satisfy the requirements of commercial diamond pricing. It also has the function of indicating the identity of diamonds and is of great significance for the issuance of diamond certificates. At the same time, when a diamond is purchased and needs to be identified, it is also necessary to weigh the diamond. Here's a brief description of how to weigh and what to look out for in the weighing process.

The preferred method of quality grading is to use a standard weighing instrument, such as a balance with a precision of 0.0001g. As long as you follow the rules, you can get accurate results. Therefore, the quality grading of diamonds is the simplest of the four gradings. When using an electronic scale, the accuracy of the electronic scale is first checked with a standard weight to avoid erroneous weighing due to a malfunction of the electronic scale. In order to obtain higher accuracy, electronic scales should be stable and should be as horizontal as possible to avoid strong airflow and drastic changes in ambient temperature.

Commercially, the quality of diamond carats must be marked to the second place after the decimal point. This applies to the retail sale of individual diamonds or the wholesale of packages, and the rule of the third decimal place after the decimal point, 8 and 8 The following numbers are ignored. For example, if the weighing is 0.898ct, only 0.89ct is used for calculation, and if the weighing is 0.899ct, it may be priced according to 0.90ct. This is to be differentiated from "round-off" in peacetime.

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