38,000 bought Hetian jade bracelets for half a year

How is the Hetian jade collection transferred? This problem has made many collectors very entangled: in the past one year, the price of high-end Hetian jade continued to rise, and the increase of sheep fat white jade was as high as 20%. However, the middle and low-end Hetian jade was lacking in interest, and the collection of accessories was not sold. Going out, the two types of products can be described as two days of ice and fire.

The reporter learned from the senior collectors and industry insiders that the starting point for the investment of the collection grade Hetian jade products should be more than 500,000 yuan, and the starting point of the raw stone collection should be more than 150,000 yuan.

The tens of thousands of yuan of Hetian jade jewelry purchased by the public is actually only wearing value, and it is difficult to be successfully resold and realize value-added in the future.

Hetian jade bracelet

First-hand market:

High-grade jade bracelets offer millions of low-grade jade bracelets

This week, the reporter visited the jade wholesale market in Liwan District and found that the price of Hetian jade was significantly different: the fat white jade (the top product in Hetian jade seed) was difficult to obtain, and the price increase since last year was continued. Thumb-sized sheep fat white jade play pieces, if there is no obvious flaw, the current price has risen to more than 500,000 yuan; individual merchants have high-end Hetian jade bracelets for sale, close to the level of sheep fat white jade, the price of a bracelet is actually as high as 1.5 million yuan Above, the prices of similar products are 15% to 20% higher than at the beginning of 2013.

In contrast, the price of mid-range white jade is not faltering. A Russian-made Hetian jade bracelet, if it is only white, the price is still only 10,000 to 30,000 yuan. If it is white and relatively moist, the price is Between 50,000 and 60,000 yuan, there is no difference from last year's price. As for the low-end and Tianyu finished products with a unit price of less than 10,000 yuan, the price will fall, and the thumb-sized Qinghai material can be sold for 300 yuan; the Qinghai mountain material bracelet with a price of 3,000 yuan will be reduced to 2,000 yuan.

In other words, the same is the Hetian jade bracelet, the price difference between high-end products and low-end products can reach 750 times.

One of the main owners of Liwan Square, Lin Bo, revealed to the reporter: "Hetian jade produced in the Hetian area of ​​Xinjiang, China is almost extinct in the shopping malls in the Liwan area. Most of the counters are Russian and Chinese. Hetian jade (Hetian jade is a geological term, not a place of origin). Due to geographical constraints, the seeds of the latter two regions are very rare, most of which are mountain materials, which can rarely be processed into high-grade finished products. Therefore, the high-end products appear to be rare and expensive, and the price continues to rise. The low-end products are affected by the sluggish gift market, and the price has loosened."

Second-hand transactions:

Compared with the situation that high-end Hetian jade pursues, the repurchase of medium and low-grade jade is always a big problem. The most convenient place for second-hand jewelry trading is the auction. However, the reporter learned from several auction houses that the turnover rate of Hetian jade products is not high and the popularity is not as good as jade.

Tan Lian, chairman of the Guangdong Fair Auctions, told the reporter: "The second-hand Hetian jade in the hands of ordinary people can only be sold to individual customers. It is impossible for enterprises or institutions to bid; only glamorous, cost-effective or relatively high-end products can be sold. A few thousand yuan, one or two thousand yuan from the starting point, the appearance can not be too good, basically did not see the deal."

In addition, the jeweler's sale is also a way, but the possibility of the transaction is also very small, unless it is a mid-range raw stone, not a finished jewelry or play pieces.

Finally, collectors associations, gemstone associations and other institutions often have member activities, and members often have collection transactions with each other. However, Mr. Liang, a collector of Guangzhou, told the reporter: “The old collectors have higher requirements for the quality of jade. The ordinary collections of more than 100,000 yuan and tens of thousands of yuan are difficult to see; and, for the newcomers or those who have not yet entered the rookie 'We can't buy the collections in their hands.'


"All said that Hetian Yu has raised prices. How can I buy a bracelet that I bought for 38,000 yuan five years ago? How can I not sell it now?" Miss Liu, who lives in Yuexiu District of Guangzhou, complained. She put the jade bracelet in a friend's jewelry store for consignment, and also posted the transfer post in many places on the Internet, but half a year passed, but no one cares.

My friend had to tell the truth: "Your bracelet is really not worn and fresh, but it is not a strange thing. People who know how to do it will not look at it more. If you don't know how to buy it, you want to buy a new one. It is also reasonable to sell it. Among them."


Collection should choose the seed material

Starting point of at least 150,000 yuan

In view of the above factors, for most citizens, the story of buying Hetian jade jewelry several times after a few years of appreciation is always a beautiful fairy tale, or even a "joke." Lin Zhaohui, a jade collector and Guangdong Huayou Auction House, said: "Ordinary people who buy Hetian jade jewelry should still wear the aesthetics as the primary indicator, instead of seeing whether they can appreciate, the price of single products is less than 500,000 yuan. There is no smooth acquisition channel."

Director Xiang Xianyu of Guangdi Jewelry told the reporter that if the target of purchase is really appreciation, the first thing to do is to “enter the line” and delve into the basic knowledge of Hetianyu. The collection of raw materials is far superior to the collection of finished products. At present, in the Guangdong market, the size of the fist is similar to the fat white jade and the jade seed, the price has gone to more than 450,000 yuan, the starting point of the collection of such raw materials should be more than 150,000 yuan (the value of mountain materials collection is not high). If you want to collect the finished products, the bracelet is still the first choice. There are few carvings and imaginations. The famous carvings and jade are worth investing. However, it is difficult to tell whether the carvings are from famous people. It is not suitable for novices. After the collectors have accumulated 3 to 5 years of experience, they will come back to play.

Xiang Xianyu pointed out that Russia is expected to be "price sloppy" compared to China's Qinghai. Russian material has a poor moisturizing degree, but it is expensive in color, less in color, and fine in texture; although Qinghai material is more moist, the color is not very good-looking. At present, the price difference between the two types of products is only two times, but in the long-term, the price of Russian materials will oscillate.

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