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Today, people's quality of life continues to improve, the requirements for the maternity dress is not just buy more than usual freshman, two sizes of clothes can put the whole course of pregnancy to deal with the past. Pregnant expectant mothers began to realize that women's wear during pregnancy and peace will be very different, such as clothing should be more relaxed, more conducive to perspiration, the fabric should also avoid irritating the skin, in the latter part of pregnancy, pregnant women have a certain amount of Support the abdomen, relieve shoulder, back pressure effect, therefore, the choice of pregnant women clothes is indeed necessary, but also have some stress. Maternity dress market has also begun to get hot, joined 38 weeks maternity dress , to seize the initiative!


38 weeks pregnant women from Hong Kong, was established in 2006. Is a collection research and development, production and marketing as one of the professional brand of tampon products entity enterprises. In fashion fashion capital --- Humen, Dongguan has 4 production plants, employees more than 1,000 people, the world's advanced German imports of professional equipment, assembly line more than 500. "Feel the beauty of life" is the 38 week company dedicated to promoting the attitude of life and product philosophy, 38WEEK brand positioning in the high-end line of maternal consumption, mainly for 20 to 35-year-old fashion, free pregnant mothers. Its design concept, style, has been around for the city mothers to create a beautiful way of clothing, decorate a better life, to create exclusive life mothers brand.

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Brand products adhering to the academic design philosophy, and melodramatic Europa style pen style, appropriately deduced it is romantic, passionate and unrestrained, but also fresh and natural, stylish pregnant mother simple personality charm. "38 weeks" brand products are the use of natural fabrics, cotton fibers, silk fabrics, making the brand flagship pregnant women clothing, as well as a series of underwear , radiation protection, shoes, socks and other products are more unique in style style and comfort , A powerful adjuvant young pregnant mother has become a pioneer in fashion, but also strongly reflects its high style taste life.

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