21 degrees women's clothing brand discount clothing store purchase details need attention

Brand discount clothing store purchase need to pay attention to the details

First look at the market and planning, the flow of people, product style and spending habits, peer competition and mutual support, spending power and price positioning of goods; for example, in the vicinity of the school is certainly some of the more trendy fashion store back Rate higher; and in the vicinity of the district, you can consider a little foreign trade casual wear, rich style to attract young working people ... ... Now urban young people in dress more and more know their own style and personality, many of them Will be in a fixed clothing store to buy the same style of different styles of clothing, clothing stores will try their best to maintain their own positioning and style, with constantly updated style to attract repeat customers.

2, to find sources, we must seriously consider to see if it is copied and the price, we must see more, it is best to ship the manufacturer is the cheapest price.

3, the beginning is the test, the purchase can not enter too much, one into the two or three on the line, according to their own definition of procurement, otherwise the procurement of goods back into a hodgepodge, when the pressure will be accumulated, resulting in greater risk .

4, so the test sales, less, so the purchase is more frequent, the fare is a bit uneconomical, it is best to find one or two or more people who have no interest in you to fight goods, come back and then split.

5, a rational analysis of data, the most special and most personalized goods put out to attract customers, the uniqueness of the goods require a higher procurement must grasp "you have no I have, you have me new, you new I am fast "the rules.

6, customers want is unique, fashion, trend, the latest, the price is expensive and expensive, so that customers are satisfied, so there are repeat customers.

7, to pay attention to quality problems, and peer communication is also very important, from which you can accumulate a lot of experience.

8, more benefit replenishment; that is, we can replenish the best-selling goods at any time, unsalable goods if not too good to deal with, can only sell their tears. This point to remember !!!

9, to understand the market; to determine the target procurement market, and gradually establish long-term cooperation in the procurement and supply of merchants! The three main points: First: the new stock shelves sale time and replacement of goods off the shelf time? Second: the requirement to provide best-selling style Recommended, when entering the mailing of the new model? Three: Determination of the procurement time to ensure that you can timely procurement and replenishment to the goods you want?

10, the quality of goods complaints; entering the industry, credit and everything else is zero, we must cherish their credit in the supplier there, which long-term business for you there is no harm!
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