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38 weeks pregnant women product line includes a series of fashion maternity, underwear , radiation protection, shoes, socks and a series of apparel products, the use of natural, fiber cotton, silk fabrics, making the brand's flagship pregnant women clothing styles are more unique in style With comfort, powerful help young pregnant mothers become avant-garde fashion representative, but also strongly reflects its high style taste life. After five years of development, a mature franchise market operation system has been formed. Up till now, it has more than 500 counters / shops in first and second level cities in 32 provinces (municipalities) of mainland China. Low threshold to join the policy, allowing investors to start a business, to achieve wealth dream!


Join 38 weeks pregnant women do not need huge investment, 50,000 yuan can have their own "38 weeks" pregnant women fashion boutiques. From the beginning of the site by the company professionals throughout the guidance in addition to quality assurance, the more super competitive. Each county-level city only grant exclusive home (provincial capital city 1-3), the provincial agency unified management. Brand Franchise franchise business model, allowing you to grow in the modern sense, easy business. You will be a navigator in emerging industries, a unique risk buyback, to minimize your risk.

加盟38周孕妇装 5万元即可轻松开店

38 weeks maternity uniform brand image, a unified shop management, unified product style, a unified retail price, unified planning a variety of promotional activities, the annual financial international brand trend design, a year for more than 600 models debut, 38 weeks in the brand Maternity dress industry enjoys the favorite brand of domestic consumption.

Warmly welcome to join 38 maternity dresses, nuggets together maternity market!

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