Hanyi 2013 summer new high-end fashion world hit

Korean fashion brand women's 2013 summer hit the world's new best hit, the design of the color using a steady, intelligent black and passion, biogas, vitality of the red, into the Eastern native culture and professional casual style, filled with a blow of youth, vitality, Pleasant oriental style. Han Yi's products are popular, fashion design for the core, both professional, casual, handsome concept.


Han Yi brand women specifically for stable work as the center, above average income, popular, fashion is more sensitive, with overseas intelligence and sensual, emotionally rich white-collar women tailor-made. For urban women to create a modern fashion mix with the experience.

韩宜2013夏季新品  高端时尚劲爆来袭

Garment Co., Ltd. Hangzhou, a subsidiary of Han Yi is a secondary and secondary city women's market for the development of the brand; since its inception in 2002, the dress has been generous, handsome, simple and perfect separation line known, with soft and just The perfect combination of hardness and softness to achieve aesthetics, showing a brand new brand of modern professional casual wear.

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