Silverware choices need to pay attention to which

For the purchase of silver jewelry, some knowledge must be kept in mind. After all, the fiery heat of the silver jewelry industry has brought about the doping of counterfeit and shoddy goods by unscrupulous traders. Understanding the basic silver jewelry knowledge is also a good foundation for the purchase of silver jewelry in the future.

1. Silver is one of the precious metals, the symbol Ag, widely circulated among the people, once used as currency circulation. Silver is silvery white with a relative density of 10.49 and a melting point of (961 ° C). Easy to smelt, hardness 2.5, strong ductility, insoluble in alkali and most organic acids, soluble in nitric acid and hot sulfuric acid, combined with sulfur dioxide in air to become brown Ag2S, used in ancient times to make jewelry, the price is medium, Usually set with less expensive gems.

2. The color of silver is expressed in thousands of points.

Full silver: silver is not less than 990 ‰, imprinted as full silver or S990, silver 990.

925 silver: silver is not less than 925 ‰, imprinted as S925 or silver 925.

Since Tiffany introduced the first silverware with 925 silver in 185, 925 silver became the main force of silver in the market. Due to the addition of 7.5% copper, the hardness and luster of silver. Both have improved.

3. Craft silver:

Thai Silver: Silver jewellery treated with a burnt blue process.

Wuyin: Covered with a mixture of AgPbS on silver jewellery, it forms a glassy coating after melting, resulting in a distinctive black and silver texture, strong contrast and increased hardness.

4. The health effect of silver: Silver has a certain bactericidal effect. It is not easy to ferment and acidify with silver tableware in daily diet; silver compound can treat burn wounds; silver chopsticks can detect sulfur containing foods. This is also the reason why in ancient times, silver needles were used to test poison.

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