Harry Potter Bear teach you to find out customer preferences, improve children's clothing store customers into the store rate

Chinese consumers have a more public psychology, therefore, we often see the more crowded clothing stores more able to attract more customers. Children's clothing store is also true, if we want to attract consumers into the shop, first of all to find out what consumers like children's clothing store. Customers like the bustling shop so-called lively, especially from the visual and sensory experience, the main requirements of two points 1. Goods rich, 2. Popular children's foot. A clothing store if you do not take the high-end line, it must be through consumption to achieve higher sales, so shop full of goods is essential. Store distribution volume is very easy for consumers to shop grade and strength of custom, thus affecting passers-by into the store rate. Another point, popular children's clothing store often in the store's degree of vitality and credibility can be recognized by customers, grasp the consumer psychology, to create such an environment can easily lead consumers into your shop. Customers want the clerk's enthusiasm easy-going Many clothing store clerks have shown a particularly positive state to meet customers, but one degree is very difficult to grasp, accidentally over the head, so that customers feel "shopping guide is really annoying." Customers like the shopping guide is warm and easy-going, not eloquent, endless non-stop introduction, so when the customer is willing to walk into your children's wear stores do not let him run, appropriate to customers, guidance , Let him know some things, without the store situation are stuffed to them, leaving customers some choice of space. Convenient to try the goods when the shop when the flow of people is very large, the clerk can not scruples every customer's needs, especially for the selection of clothing, as far as possible to make clothes in the absence of shopping guide introduction, customers can also close observation , Can even try to remove themselves, but the clerk must play a supervisory role. Is not particularly high-end stores, but customers prefer this do-it-yourself, try on their own feeling. This not only to meet the consumer sentiment, children's clothing store's efficiency can be greatly enhanced, each other to buy the comfortable, sell assured. Although selling is a commodity, can be sold to children's clothing store to sell a good mood, so that customers feel comfortable, spending money is a small problem.

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