ISLIU (Stream of Consciousness) Women enjoy the interpretation of the heart of the elegant and modern temperament

ISLIU ( Stream of Consciousness ) is a brand new casual brand launched by Korea Consciousness Flow International (China) Limited. Inspired by endless creativity from street or international fashion shows. After casual fabric, color, texture, details of the ongoing research and restructuring to create free and casual clothing. As fast fashion has become a mainstream fashion industry, ISLIU introduces this fast-food model to clothing, bringing a whole new look to fashion. The establishment of a sound supply chain system, efficient organization and management, emphasizing the production speed and flexibility, pay attention to the design and ordering flexibility and deployment of ISLIU is the core concept. ISLIU using the domestic professional design concept, from that quarter's product development and research work, the maximum flexibility is ISLIU's core strengths.


18-30 years old fashion women, confident, independent, noble, generous fashion women. Most of them accept higher education, accept high-grade culture, enjoy changing life and challenges, have their own life style and unique grasp of fashion and requirements, fashion, fashion, elegant style enjoy interpretation. To fully meet the contemporary women's fashion requirements, provide a variety of services has been an attempt to change, to create a colorful fashion life.

ISLIU(意识流)女装 尽情演绎由心而发的优雅摩登气质

The perfect fusion of art and commerce is a source of endless charm for ISLIU. She is the first to break the routine, the concept of mix and match fashion brand. From design to technology, from color to the plate, from the details to match, all "mixed" was elegant. Inspired by the art of film, music and painting, ISLIU inspires creativity by combining the latest trends with the elegant and modern temperament of women.

ISLIU(意识流)女装 尽情演绎由心而发的优雅摩登气质

ISLIU store, will be retro and luxurious European architectural style integration of modern international trends, to create a full of art and fashion shopping environment, people enjoy the full enjoyment of shopping.
ISLIU fashion, professional, meticulous and full of affinity services, but also make it an indispensable beauty in the female life partner.

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