Alvia adjusts the secrets of the beautiful curves of underwear women

The beautiful curves of the female body are God's masterpieces. For this reason, women are trying their best to use their polar body to make themselves as though they are not all devil-shaped but reach exquisite appearances, so as to be worthy of being a woman!


The adjustable underwear, also known as the basic performance underwear category, the main function of the chest to make it more full, cover the waist loose skin, and improve the hips position so that the body shape, the body, put on the coat, the more highlight the beauty of the curve.

爱丽维娅调整功能内衣   女性美丽曲线的秘密

Adjustable underwear functionality is very important: to fully understand the ergonomics, structure, and consider the use of material stretching and other factors, the underwear designed to qualify as the regulatory underwear. In general, good underwear material with adjustable underwear with: thermal resistance <heat>, water resistance <washable>, not easy to damage <Durability>, stretching strong <elastic fatigue,> absorbent, breathable, Fit, easy to change, anti-static and so on; And meet: fit - fit and can adjust the graceful song, is the most basic condition conditioning underwear; Comfort - good underwear should be comfortable to wear and can wear for a long time ; Stability - good underwear dedicated to adapt to the activities of the body's daily life, not aliasing, good stability, maintaining a beautiful curve of the three major conditions.

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