Ampang safety shoes: adhere to the quality, innovation is the fundamental way of business development

"Innovation is the core competitiveness of Ampang!" Shanghai Anbang Industrial Development Co., Ltd. (http://) understands that without innovation, there is no core competitiveness. Without core competitiveness, Will be caught in vicious competition, price war, and even affect the survival of enterprises. Bingzhe to meet the needs of customers the principle of Anbang safety shoes access to customers alike. Anbang companies adhere to the development and innovation, focus on product quality, widely praised by the industry, Anbang Microfiber fashion safety upper popular. In recent years, Anbang company in the case of access to a high degree of product market share, one after another launched Anbang outdoor lightweight safety shoes, Anbang Microfiber fashion safety shoes, has been widely recognized by the industry. Quality is fundamentally Anbang in the total business under the President, already has three of the world's most advanced German DESMA equipment production lines. 1 year of research and development, design and production of Anbang Microfiber fashion safety shoes, is the first domestic safety footwear industry will be super-fiber leather used in the design and production of safety shoes. It is because of Chen's unique business philosophy, Anbang companies in the market competition in the quality and quantity, distinctive features. "To do this step, we must give up. Low-quality products with low added value, we must give up, medium and large enterprises can understand that they have brand appeal, but small businesses do not like this, they pay more attention to the price, the industry requires quality Basically, large and medium-sized enterprises. "Chen said. Quality is the fundamental business Anbang company, the total for Chen, the quality is a step by step argument until the standard, in the international standard product certification mark is the case. In 2011, Ampang adopted the "International Standard Product Marking Certificate" [Certificate No. 2011 3100C0205], which is by far the first safety shoe manufacturer in Shanghai that has been approved to adopt the "International Standard Product Mark". It is the pursuit of quality, Anbang can get the industry's recognition, access to further development. Anbang company approved the use of "international standard product logo", marking the security company Anbang safety shoes into the list of international advanced manufacturing enterprises. According to the procedures and standards for quality testing, the use of the mark of "adopting international standard product mark" means that the product quality and safety have excellent quality and have reached the international advanced level. Enterprises use this mark on the quality and safety of the product The corresponding legal responsibility, consumers can be more confident to buy. "Adopting the International Standard Product Marks" is conducive to further improving the credibility and social reputation of Anbang Co., Ltd. It is of great significance to explore the market, expand sales and improve the competitiveness and economic efficiency of the company. To win with diversity, we must innovate R & D In Chen's business philosophy, innovation is the ladder of enterprise development. Enterprises, especially the industrial ones, win mainly in three ways. One is the scale, to win the market share; one is diversity, to win the integrity of the product; one is functional, product differentiation to win. Based on this, Anbang company to maintain a never satisfied with the status quo, continuous innovation, research and development of product features. At the same time also aim at the ultra-fine fiber leather, take the lead in October 2011 will Microfiber leather into the production of safety shoes. Microfiber leather full name is "ultra-fine fiber-reinforced PU leather", microfiber PU synthetic leather on behalf of the development of artificial leather, leather with the most similar performance, with extremely excellent wear resistance, excellent resistance to cold, breathable, anti-aging properties , So it is favored by big-name leather designers at home and abroad. Practice has proved that the excellent performance of synthetic microfiber leather is irreplaceable natural leather, which draws the general advantages of synthetic leather and natural leather materials, from domestic and foreign markets to analyze, synthetic leather has also largely replaced the resources Insufficient natural leather. The use of artificial leather and synthetic leather bags, clothing, shoes, vehicles and furniture decoration, has been increasingly recognized by the market, its wide range of applications, the large number of varieties, is the traditional natural leather can not be met. Corporate innovation to pursue the final analysis or the staff needs active thinking, willing to provide new ideas in the enterprise. Mr. Chen always carries out one-on-one communication with employees, meeting exchange, inspiring employees' thinking, explaining professional knowledge and solving employee's problems. Chen is very proud to say that Anyang's just a skilled worker can become a senior worker in other enterprises. Technology proficiency, smooth communication, making Anbang company's product concept continues to develop.

As a high-grade cashmere products, because of its thin fibers and short, so the product strength, abrasion resistance, pilling performance and other indicators are not as good as wool, it is very delicate, its characteristics really like "baby" skin, soft, Delicate, smooth and elastic, however, keep in mind its delicate and easy to damage, improper use, easy to shorten the period of use. When wearing cashmere products, special attention should be given to reduce the larger friction, and cashmere matching coat should not be too rough and hard to avoid damage to the fibers by friction to reduce the intensity or pilling phenomenon.
Cashmere is a protein fiber, especially vulnerable to worm-eaten, collection should be cleaned to dry, and place the right amount of moth-proofing agent, pay attention to ventilation, moisture, washing attention, "three elements"
1) Neutral detergent must be used
2) water temperature control at 30 ℃ ~ 35 ℃
3) Careful rub, can not force, water drift, tiled dry, can not be exposed.

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