Beauty Isle 19 yuan cheap underwear chain model hot hot

Beauty Island underwear is cheap, stylish, comfortable, the quality of the endorsement, the company pursued the perfect combination of low prices and high quality, refused to low-cost low-quality speculative management, business objectives and purpose is to establish a unified, orderly, stable and healthy development National chain store, and plans in 3-5 years, "join the beauty island, join hands in creating a win-win" principle, in the country to develop direct sales stores, franchise stores and franchising chain of more than 1000, to achieve leapfrog development Expected goals.


Beauty Island 19 yuan fashion underwear concept store, is the flagship 19 yuan fashion underwear and other high-end home products hot chain model. With more than 1,000 models 19 yuan fashion boutique underwear, is the history of the most styles, the lowest price, the largest national underwear chain brand.
Beauty Island first 19 yuan parity underwear chain mode, set off a wave of cheap underwear in the country, the price of 19 yuan but enjoy the quality of thirty or forty yuan. At the same time, the store's innovative and fashionable decoration style and competitive price are the advantages of the Beauty Island model that attracts franchisees and thousands of fashionable women in the country.

丽人岛首创19元平价内衣连锁模式 火爆热卖

Chain store hit record single outstanding single-day performance of 18,000 "Island Beauty 19 yuan underwear concept store" Since its inception, the chain hit the record, the single-store sales exceeded the highest single-day performance of 18,000. Beauty Island brand is becoming more fashion women's choice of lingerie brands , Beauty Island model will eventually lead the industry trends in the future, wherever he goes will become a dazzling star in the local market!

Beauty island lead fashion trend Subversion "low price = poor" traditional beauty island Subversion low = poor traditional model; the same product than the actual price of the same brand 30% lower.
Product Style: Fashion, Trend, Comfort, Practicality, Low Price Portfolio: Underwear, Panties, Vests, Socks, Warmth, Sleepwear, Leisure Price Structure: Underwear is mainly 19 yuan, 25 yuan, 35 yuan, 45 yuan and 55 yuan;
Other categories are also similar to the price structure, the price combination concise, so that customers refreshing, impressive.

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