Bumblebee fall and winter shoes order will "lead 2012" to achieve a new round of leaps

March 23, 2012 - March 26, a four-day theme of the "leading 2012" hornet fall and winter shoes new order will be held in Hornet Headquarters Quanzhou. During the conference, Mr. Ding Shuangbo, general manager of Hornet, made wonderful introduction and demonstration on the design concept of the new series of bumblebee's four series of new products and the fifth generation of the newest bumblebee terminal store, which attracted wide attention both inside and outside the industry. The order, Hornet costumes and shoes showroom are arranged separately, the Hornet released the theme of fashion mix and match casual style, the princess lady wind, the jungle world, happy hour four series of new products. According to Ke Fanghua manager Hornet brand center introduced these themes all inspired by the children themselves, tailored to the child's perspective. "Hornet new style, just right interpretation of the Hornet 'love infinite' brand declaration, 'love' is not only reflected in the fashion of clothing, but also to meet the growth needs of children's inner world." It is understood that this quarter of new products Release, is a bumblebee a product development, production and other comprehensive strength of the outstanding show. Bumblebee headquarters in the original product line to do an extension of the rich, this quarter Hornet product design ideas are everywhere advocating children happy life, happy learning, happy to grow the theme of the Declaration. To the maximum extent to meet the consumer demand for products, while the extension of the new product line effectively enhance the visual display of the terminal store. As an important part of the order, Hornet brand new fifth-generation terminal visual image store was grandly presented in Jinjiang City, the seat of Hornet headquarters during the ordering meeting. According to reports, the store upgrade reflects the style positioning of the brand image of the Hornet, the design and decoration focus on color matching and coordination, the new image to the usual yellow tone. Ke manager said that this is from the product positioning and market positioning point of view, "the new image of the main colors without leaving the yellow color of the original business ahead of schedule, coupled with more reflects the casual fashion of orange and orange colors, lime walls Design, so that the whole store without losing the brand sense of the new shelf design using surface, dot, line color, store color space complement each other, so that products can be perfect display. "Brand new store brand even more brand new force, and at the same time Without losing the vigorous atmosphere of children, the Hornet leisure, fashion, sports three brand positioning a good combination. The new image of the Hornet shop display, effectively enhance the confidence of all dealers on the Hornet brand management, they have said on the scene will do their utmost to cooperate with the promotion of a new image of the Hornet brand. "Optimize the brand image to enhance brand value and enhance the visualization of the terminal is the imperative brand of children's products industry marketing strategy," Kejing Li said, and to further introduce this "in order to unify and enhance the corporate image so that Corporate image showed more in line with the rapid development of enterprise requirements side, the Hornet headquarters of the original SI system to conduct a comprehensive update, after more than a year of repeated agreement, the Hornet brand new SI system finalized in May 2012 All sales terminals in the country fully imported. "Hornets general manager Ding Shuangbo also made a wonderful speech at the scene, and further pointed out that the new image of the hornet terminal store on the Hornet brand upgrade significance. "The image enhancement of the new 5 generation is not only reflected in the hardware improvement of storefronts, displays and window displays, but also the enhancement of 'soft power' such as employee training, store management and customer service. Through the introduction of specialized marketing Philosophy, professional training, advanced shop flow and scientific logistics and distribution system, is conducive to achieving a substantial leap in the ability of the brand management of the Hornet; in all aspects, to our customers and friends as much as possible to bring more quality services, Together to create a leading brand of hornet children's products industry. "From a single children's shoes products, to the field of children's clothing business development, and then to the extension of the product line and the image of the terminal store upgrade, Hornet by continuously upgrading the marketing model, has successfully achieved the product A diversified strategic transformation has become the leading brand in the children's products industry in China. Whether it is the brand declaration of "love unlimited" or the continuous improvement of the image of a new terminal, the Hornets constantly transform themselves with their own brands A new round of leaps. DisplayAd ();

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