Miss Sixty Jeans 2015 Spring Summer Trends

The Italian female denim brand Miss Sixty in the colorful summer, the vivid colors and the collision of fresh cowboy blue, visually impressive; bright summer, elegant strapless show just right sexy. This season's tannin wide leg pants, with the return of strong retro trend; package hip Slim fishtail skirt, the perfect display of the body curve, outline modern shape; cowboy's stack to wear, to create a rich layering, as the Miss Sixty girl free and easy fashion attitude.

Drone Lens Series

Drone camera lens is widely used in drone industry,it should meet the requirements of providing clear monitoring pictures day and night in different environments. When the light conditions are constantly changing, the camera should also have good picture quality.Automatic day/night conversion is essential. In low-light environments, camera components automatically switch from day to night mode,removing infrared filters and increasing sensitivity,so that clear images can be captured at night.

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