Bodystyle Burundi design underwear: work together Yao Beina, care for women's health

Bodystyle BUDI design lingerie hand in hand with the weather days Yao Beina, Shenzhen Xinyi Foundation, the joint design of all brand stores in the Budi to carry out the "public service - gorgeous sail" large-scale public welfare activities, with practical actions to practice the mission of caring women , Build a stronghold for women's breast health.

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Care for women's health, Budi design in action

As one of the directors of Shenzhen Xinyi Nonprofit Foundation, Budi Design insists on leading by example, not only infiltrating the concept of breast health into the design and manufacture of underwear, but also promoting its own quality and spreading health through technological innovation. Budi Design also promised to sell every piece of underwear, will donate part of the proceeds of this underwear to the public fund to support public welfare, promote breast health, leading the positive energy.


Budi Design Head revealed that Budi Design works together with the Heart Charity Foundation and jointly designs all the brand stores in Budi to carry out the "Charity - Gorgeous Sail" large-scale public welfare activities with practical actions to practice the mission of caring for women, And called for more social enterprises and caring people to devote themselves to caring for women's health and paying attention to the public welfare cause of breast cancer prevention and treatment.

In fact, Budi Design, a well-known brand of women's underwear , is the first company in China to propose the concept of environmental protection and PH value of fabric underwear and has passed the certification of Oeko-Tex Standard 100 to ensure that all products The use of environmentally friendly fabrics, non-formaldehyde, azo substances; PH value, fuel, perspiration, friction, washing and other quality test results reached the international first-class product level.

Over the years, Budi Design insisted on creating fashion sexy, independent and self-confident women as their responsibility, the concept of female breast health in product design and production of the first. Therefore, the design of Budi not only set up a special underwear Institute, to create the most professional design R & D team, but also the introduction of advanced technology and fashion elements at home and abroad, underwear fabrics and manufacturing processes for innovation and trial and error, and set Strict quality control supervision system. Budi design through the support of science and technology, fashion embellishment, for the majority of women to create a healthy and intimate boudoir, the concept of infiltration of breast health, integration into underwear design and manufacturing, so that consumers in the daily experience of clothing Budi Di comfortable design, Healthy, stylish quality of life.

Budi Design, together with Yao Beina and Shenzhen Xinyi Foundation for Philanthropy, donated money to aid the health of women and once again demonstrated to the community and consumers the corporate culture and industry spirit of "caring for women's health and leading the fashion and beauty".


Two public welfare platforms continue to exert their social influence

In fact, the charity bazaar is only a small activity designed by Budi on the two major public welfare platforms. Since its establishment more than 10 years ago, Budi Design has been exerting its social influence on two major platforms of educating and feminine health.

According to the reporter, Budi design to join the public welfare, charity for others and society is not the first time, nor is it limited to the care of women's health. On the contrary, in the development of the brand, Bourdie Design does not forget to carry out all kind-hearted assistance activities: donating hope primary schools, hoping secondary schools and long-term assistance to poor students ... Time and again aid actions are not only voluntary fulfillment of social obligations as a corporate brand It is an extension of Budi's core concept of corporate culture insisting on donating love as part of corporate culture. These charity actions not only won the social, industrial and consumer support for Bourdieu designs, but also gave timely assistance to those who assisted them and re-created them a happy life.

The head of the design of Budi revealed that the funds invested by Budi Design on the public welfare are not linked to the efficiency of enterprises and are progressively promoted according to the progress. At the same time, for those unexpected incidents, emergency grants will be made according to the actual situation, such as donations from the Yushu earthquake.

In 2010, Bourdie designed again to offer more support to Guizhou's education and invested 840,000 yuan to build Hope Primary School and Hope Middle School. The reporter learned that these two schools of hope have now been completed. Bu di design not only for every hope schools to provide infrastructure such as teaching building funds, but also for the two schools set sports facilities and love libraries and other facilities, so that children's learning life more colorful, but also for more than a million poor Children in the area provide a better reading environment.


Since its establishment, Budi Design has put social public welfare into practice as an important corporate responsibility. While creating corporate value, it actively conducts public welfare activities and strives to fulfill corporate social responsibilities. "Love donation" is one of the core business concepts of Budi Design. Over the years, it has been practicing this philosophy through step-by-step charity actions and has been making unremitting efforts in the nonprofit field with continuous care and investment.

Continuous good deeds are the best interpretation of Budi's design of corporate social responsibility. Under the successive efforts of "Care for Women's Health" and "Project Hope for Students", more and more dealerships and public welfare forces from all walks of life have participated in the project. Budi Design believes that as a socially responsible enterprise, Budi Design's appeal and action will gather more happy Arks and escort the vulnerable groups of women and children to the other side of their dreams.

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