Comfortable and stylish strappy shoes recommend to take you all over the world

On July 20th this week, I know that you all need a pair of red high heels to help the 100 daily limit of the stock market (which is impossible), but you really need a pair of good-looking and comfortable shoes to stand up and raise your chest. Walk on the road to socialism.

A shoe is hard to find Wild Thing about 785 US dollars

Currently on the ins, in the circle of ladies, in the blogger's circle, the red don't need this Wild Thing. The popular word sandals, coupled with the design of the tassel, are unresponsive and colorful. , Red, Blue, Yellow and White give you the coolest candy colors.

Belgravia pineapple shoes strap Dafa good about 4200 yuan

Aquazzura's shoes are both explosion models, Belgravia is the first to fire up, catch up with the rush of the bandage, can not wear the feet of the Roman shoes can reduce the height of wearing this pineapple shoes. Aquazzura is also very intimate and has prepared a flat-bottomed version for those who cannot wear high-heeled stars.

Extremely simple Matilde about 4200 yuan

As a result, Aquazzura's Matilde series has only two straps on its feet, which is minimalistic and simply cries. Look at the picture feel.

The most beautiful flat shoes Christy, about 4200 yuan

The beautiful Aquazzura also prepared the Christy series of flat shoes for girls who were not able to wear high heels, but the glamorous was not lost. The signature pointed straps were cut short to fit the most popular element of the moment. ( China Shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center. Brand Recommended: Stupid Mouse Baby 丫)

Duang!! Sweep, there is a surprise!!!

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