Notes 丨 Elastic cloth shaping processing points

In the groove of the shaping machine, soft finishing can meet the customer's requirements on the cloth, and make it not easy to scratch on the guide wheel. The tenter is fixed to make the fabric cloth flat and stable in size, which can eliminate the formation of the dyeing and finishing process. Wrinkles, creases, and shape control at the same time must be strictly controlled.

1. The setting temperature should be determined according to the elastic shrinkage and thickness of the fabric. If the temperature is too high, the strength will drop, the elasticity will decrease, and the fabric may have discoloration. The setting temperature is too low, the fabric is easy to curl, the width is unstable, and the shrinkage rate is large;

2. The speed of stereotyped vehicle speed mainly depends on the length of the shaping zone and the setting temperature. The speed setting is too fast and has no effect. The fine wrinkles in the dyeing and finishing process are not easy to solve. The speed is slow. Especially at high temperatures, the fabric is yellow and the elasticity is reduced.

3. Stereotyped overfeeding, after determining the width of the fabric, select the appropriate overfeeding amount and tension, it affects the weight, elasticity of the fabric, the production of wrinkles on the fabric surface, such as fabric tension is small, overfeed, cloth The uneven surface makes it difficult to eliminate the fine wrinkles produced during the dyeing process. The tension is large and the amount of overfeed is small, causing curling during heat setting.

When cotton-spandex knitted fabrics are scheduled, they should take into account different types of thermosetting filaments that are produced by different manufacturers. For example, DuPont's production of spandex can withstand a setting temperature of 190°C, and South Korea's production of spandex has a low setting temperature of around 180°C.

Generally, the content of spandex is under 5%. When the knitted fabric is not severely curled during slitting, it can be directly opened and dyed with a predetermined size. When the content is more than 5%, the knitted fabric that affects the dyed knitted fabric must be sewn after the predetermined type. Synthetic cylinder can be dyed, otherwise it can not overcome the dyeing problems caused by curling.

When the knitted fabric is dyed, the appropriate cloth speed and pressure of the nozzle can be selected to achieve a better dyeing effect. The cycle time is preferably 2 to 3 minutes. The formula for calculating the vehicle speed is: cloth speed = cloth loop length/cloth cycle length time.

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