The secret of true and false corals, you must not know!

Corals are a kind of colored gemstones. People wear corals such as red coral, white coral and rouge coral. People wear coral ornaments to pray for evil spirits, and there are even legends that wearing corals can cure women's infertility. If you wear fake corals, it will affect our health.

At the end of the day, I will teach you to identify the types of corals and identify true and false corals so as not to be fooled.


Do you know all members of the coral family?

●Red coral

Very beautiful, people regard it as a blessing for the blessing of "God".

●White coral

The color is white, gray, milky white and porcelain white. It is an indispensable thing for bonsai crafts and dyeing materials.


●Blue coral

Light blue and blue are rare varieties. The common varieties are only black corals and golden corals.

●Black coral

Brownish black, tough and waxy. Can be used as a pipe, handle, display, ring face, etc.

●Gold coral

Half is golden yellow and yellowish brown. The surface is pimples-like, and some have a smooth surface that can show stun (or brilliance) under strong light.


Corals are so expensive, Baojie teaches you how to tell the truth.

●Look at it

Corals have parallel growth patterns in the longitudinal direction and are parallel to the coral column. If it is a ring face, it is usually on the back. If it is engraving, it will be on the surface.

●Look at

The cross section of the coral has growth patterns similar to the annual rings, which are small and large. Concentrically growing lines are generally visible on coral ornaments.


● see color

The color of the coral is emitted from the inside out. The closer the coral column is to the surface, the deeper the color of the coral, the closer to the inner layer, the lighter the color. If the color of the coral is the same inside and outside, it is probably a fake!

False corals, nothing to do!

1 White coral staining, commonly known as sea bamboo, is characterized by a very pronounced vertical texture and a rough texture.

2 filled coral staining, characterized by smooth surface, rough and brittle, and easy color change.


3 various types of jade imitation corals will fade very quickly.

4 plastic dyed coral, the texture is very light, the color is easy to fade, no natural texture and luster.

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