GOONITTI ancient Nidi fashion women's spring and summer 2013 new products listed

GOONITTI ancient cypress fashion women's spring and summer 2013 new listing! In spring and summer of 2013, Gu Nedi women's dresses are dominated by the design concept of "Urban Style, Fashion, Elegance, Individuality and Modernity". They are designed to be easy to mix and match with soft and bright colors to create fine wardrobe for the fashionable family. Show Hepburn like French elegance, urban OL simple fashion, more charming beach resort style, together to enjoy it!


Dressed in nude color dress, swaying skirt, simple shape, showing a charming grace, black girdle clever embellishment, with a small black and white bar coat, to show such as Hepburn French elegance.


In the cool summer, nude color is destined to become a fashion protagonist, a simple bare-color blouse, personalized cuff design to show slender arm, with black trousers and metal waist chain, to create summer OL wind.


Summer beach always swaying infinite charm, happy flower pattern with elegant navy bottom, swaying thick ethnic retro style, take it to the resort this summer!

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