Small spring shorts suit popular in spring and summer 2013

Leading Words: During the Spring Festival, the Guangzhou Grand Theater is exhibiting the Chanel Cultural Exhibition. The demonstration shows that the founder COCO Miss has a huge influence on the fashion industry. The simplicity, comfort, elegance and fashion, and the ladies' temperament are all synonymous with Chanel, thus forming a small fragrance. The influence is not limited to the Chanel brand. Rolling woolen suit is one of Chanel's classic costumes. Miss COCO, the forerunner of female liberation, took the lead in designing female trousers, and the trousers were elegant and fashionable. Small incense shorts suit will be popular in the spring and summer of 2013.


Xiao Bian collects several small style shorts suits, let your lady temperament is not a single!


Powder blue is pretty and pleasant, and it looks white and flawless. Concise tailoring allows the small fragrance shorts suit to get rid of the elegant and mature sense of age, for a more fashionable and fresh atmosphere, white handbags and boots are the same hollow design, uniform and fashion.


Light blue woolen shorts suit, in the clothes, sleeves, bags, trousers for the fight black stripe design, the classic design of CHANEL with a more simple and neat way to express, double the sense of fashion, black bags and black boots make the shape more coordinated .


Pure white symbolizes cleanliness, elegance and innocence. Celebrities don't like flowers and greens. The pure color of study can better reflect the taste of upper class society. The same woolen material is used to make broken edges and presents a variety of textures. The low-key details are the pursuit of celebrity style. Of course, the T-SHIRT type top makes young fragrances look younger.

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