Brahmaputra new season surprise experience, beautiful set sail

Brand targeting brand underwear Brand targeting consumers 25-40 years old intellectual women, products with low-key luxury for the concept of simplicity but pay attention to quality and comfort, love to love the delicate, intellectual taste and content of women, design Strive for perfection, break through all obstacles and limitations, only to achieve the best visual and physical effects.


Classic 3/4 gather cup type, cup three-dimensional space unique design, so plump breasts more comfortable, the back of the body with delicate elastic lace, printing and the combination of lace satin, the visual effect of elegant and elegant with more sexy.

雅兰卡新一季内衣  惊喜体验、美丽起航

Transparent, rippled water ripple pattern lace and strong combination of network, the three-dimensional model in the mold cup, significant lateral push, gather; three-piece lace three-dimensional cut, Futen, beautiful; widening side + elastic single body, storage Excess fat, no reflow.



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