Emerald women bring simple fashion in Europe and America, 2013 spring and summer new products

New Year, workers who return to office once again play the role of professional women, and with the arrival of spring, every woman for the 2013 spring and summer fashion is always concerned about, LESERBIE Yi color women's brand 2013 summer new products, bringing Europe and the United States simple fashion style!


LESERBIE Yi color product images

In the spring and summer of 2013, LESERBIE women's colored clothing balances the simplicity of the profile and the aestheticism of the realism, blending architectural lines into the silhouette of the garment without losing the flow and flexibility of the garment. The use of irregular cut design techniques, contour jacket, short paragraph of the waistcoat design, straight trousers, etc., showing a strong sense of structure, focusing on the design, real wear and match the characteristics of contemporary women's style.

LESERBIE Yi color women's brand positioning age 25 to 40 years old, pay attention to taste and self-cultivation, intellectual wisdom, independent personality, not blindly follow popular popular aesthetic, the courage to try all kinds of new urban women. When they are dressed in color, stature, quality will follow.


LESERBIE Yi color product images

Brand concept

â—† understand your fashion.

â—† LESERBIE Woori women advocate realism, simple European, profile, no matter what the season, a single product or mix and match, touch the surprises, into the extraordinary beauty of the soul.

â—† US management, needs vision and insight. Far from exaggeration, focus and creation, is faith, but also insist.

â—† clothing is not just a beautiful "second skin", but the sublimation of the external and intrinsic value of the scenery;

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