Shenzhen Top Ten Women's Fashion Card Fado "Modern New Year" 2014 autumn and winter new conference was a complete success!

Green grass is another year, but also spring every year, but also a spring breeze, but also a year to listen to the spring rain. April 18, Wauka women's "Modern Xinyu 2014 autumn and winter new conference" was held.

Emblem of the Republican Talented Lin Huiyin said - the most beautiful April day, so in this beautiful April, Foca once again ushered in a development event. In the past year, with the rapid market construction, the rapid development of the brand, and the O2O model turned out to be a fantastic success, Foca, with its unique business model, succeeded in developing a nationwide market in a relatively short period of time and initially completed a complete set of facilities , The rapid development of the brand image, showing a strong brand vitality.

The order will be, Foka invited Wo song business school core lecturer Chen Tao teacher.

Chen Tao shared his views on how to change franchisees from seven modules, namely, "Science Ordering," "Role Recognition," "Operation Management," "Target Management," "Calligraphy Training," "Practical Training," and "Service Training." Order concept to enhance its product portfolio capabilities and enhance business confidence; to analyze the terminal store high profit management tips to enhance franchisees in the operation of goods management skills and terminal store management capabilities; and how to enhance win-win cooperation and enhance cooperation franchisees Concept, heritage corporate culture, enhance the order site will be a positive atmosphere.


Wonderful calligraphy and actual combat training collision, the spark of the terminal management spark, once set off the climax of the order!


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