How to match the more dazzling white clothing What color is more resistant to look white

Summer dress with how to look at it? Many girls look very beautiful at one glance, but it is also common to see a long time, but on the contrary some girls looked ordinary, but you look better and better, this is a beautiful look-resistant beauty, do you like to do the former or the latter? Certainly many people like the latter, Karman ladies make you a beloved beauty.

Beautiful girl never flamboyant, never heavy make-up, light feeling, memorable, like tea, khaki women dress this dress style, the overall design of the lace, waist, accessories are decorated Is so fresh, exudes charm between the cast and foot, this elegant is also a goddess Van.

白色服装怎么搭配更亮眼 白色配什么颜色比较耐看

Nice to see beauty is a silt without staining, to see that she felt very comfortable, did not feel tired at all, fresh dress up can become resistant to look Oh, this white lace vest style with a pair of jeans, simple and classic dress Absolutely nice.

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Paper material is made by the method of traditional paper production. It is new type material made from wood fibre. Paper material is produced in Japan and the Netherlands. It is light with the feel of linen and has excellent moisture absorption and sweat releasing property.

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MONET; Nm6 50%paper 32% cotton 16%polyamide 2% sequins yarn

CARTA: Nm23 76% paper 24% polyamide yarn

Paper Yarn

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