Waist skirt + pointed high-heeled shoes show a graceful figure

Today, May 21st, this summer, the summer has arrived, you must be worried about how to wear a graceful figure and feel guilty, do not worry, you only need to prepare a beautiful waist dress and a pair of exquisite high-heeled shoes, then whenever Wherever you are, you will be the focus. For the waist skirt, the stars are also very fond of, they tend to match a pair of pointed high-heeled shoes, take a look below.


Demonstration with: white short-sleeved shirt + half body plain waist skirt + solid color pointed high heels

Single product recommendation:

H&M White Sports T-shirt ¥299

OCHIRLY Plaid Jacquard High Waist Skirt Skirt ¥439

NineWest White Latin High Heels¥492.28


Demonstration with: Plain short-sleeved waist dress skirt + suede solid color pointed high heels

Single product recommendation:

Topshop Pleat Cyan Dress ¥301.74

Topshop green boat shoes ¥ 500


Demonstration with: Plaid striped short sleeve shirt + dark half waist suit skirt + light gray pointed high heels

Single product recommendation:

OCHIRLY Wild Plaid Loose Bat Short Sleeve Shirt ¥499

River Island Black Pencil Skirt ¥172.4

Topshop Gabi mule Pumps ¥500


Demonstration collocation: white word shoulder double lace waist dress + buckle pointed high heels

Single product with:

OCHIRLY embroidered strapless dress dresses¥5390

ZARA Stiletto Hem Shoes ¥599 (Media Cooperation: Shoe-Style Images, Grand Honored Laura Women's Shoes)

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