Precautions for purchasing baby bedding

Baby cot

The first is the question of whether the crib should be bought. Personally think that you must buy it. It is neither healthy nor safe for small babies and adults to sleep on a big bed. However, many mothers are complaining about the crib white investment, the wrong is not in bed, not in the baby. Instead, these mothers did not insist on letting the baby sleep in the crib since the baby was born. One of my nephews was 2 months older than the baby, and there were two beds. The result turned into a storage basket, and my baby was not as good as my baby from a small sleep. Therefore, I suggest that mothers insist on sleeping in the cot from the beginning. In order to help the baby develop this habit, even in the middle of the month, sitting in the middle of the night to feed the baby, to avoid being lazy, the baby will snuggle around me in the middle of the night. Once the baby is used to sleeping in his cot, you let him sleep in a big bed, he still does not do it.

sleeping bag

My baby doesn't like sleeping bags. If my mother insists on buying a sleeping bag, I suggest buying a pair of robes like sleeves, and the baby's hands can move freely. This kind of sleeping bag is still barely acceptable for my baby in the big winter.

Urine pad

Urine is not wet, the use is not too big. If you sleep at night, you can use a diaper for your baby. You can still buy a piece. In the winter, the pad is prepared under the bed sheet. When purchasing, pay attention to the choice of soft, breathable. If you plan to use it, it is recommended to buy a big brand. The key is to lay it under the baby's bed for a long time, or to be breathable and impervious. Remind all of you that this kind of thing can be used when you go home and wash it with warm water. Don't use hot water. This kind of material is not hot.

Small quilt

Baby quilt preparation should pay attention to thin to thick, followed by thin towel blanket, thick towel blanket, air conditioning thin quilt, cotton velvet blanket, autumn quilt, cashmere quilt. It is reasonable to have two sets of seasons to avoid the need for bedwetting at night. In order to avoid waste, it is ok to prepare two thick towel blankets and a thin towel blanket. For example, if the autumn is wet, you can use the air conditioner to replace the cotton velvet blanket, the air conditioner is wet, you can use 2 thick towel blankets to replace, etc., see your mother's arrangement. The key is that the level of the baby cover is a little more complicated than the adults, so that not only can the baby cover more, but also effectively prevent the baby from kicking the quilt.

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