Choose the right air conditioner to find a good companion for sleep

Silk quilt - natural health, silk allergy should be used with caution
Silk is a pure natural animal protein fiber, which has a very high moisture absorption and permeability, and is known as the "fiber queen". When the silk is just covered, it will have a cold feeling, allowing the skin to freely wick away and secrete, keeping the skin clean and comfortable. As a native Chinese protein quilt, silk is characterized by lightness, softness, softness and elasticity. It is recognized as the softest and healthier natural fiber in the world, and it is most suitable for human sleep conditions.

Adapt to the crowd: For those who like to stay in the air-conditioned room and those who love to kick the quilt in the middle of the night, silk with a close touch is the best choice. The silk is sweat-absorbent and soft in texture. It is very suitable as a bedding for young children. It can help your baby to cool off in the summer. At the same time, it is also suitable for the elderly with poor respiratory system or poor metabolism.

It is worth noting that a small number of people who are allergic to silk, try not to use silk quilts, and easily induce allergic diseases such as dermatitis.

Towels - light and sweat-absorbent, suitable for people who are extremely afraid of heat
The towel is ideal for summer and autumn seasons. It is made of 100% pure cotton by spinning and weaving. The new type of towel is covered with a fabric on one side and a towel on the other. It has a certain sense of solidity and is loved by more and more people.
Adapt to the crowd: It is light, breathable, sweat-absorbent, close-fitting, soft to the touch, etc. It is suitable for people who are extremely afraid of heat and children.

Fiber is - economical and durable, children try not to choose

The cross section of the porous hollow fiber is similar to that of honeycomb coal, and the number of holes is divided into 5 holes, 7 holes, 9 holes, and the like. The number of holes has a large amount of voids, which can block the air flow, so the heat preservation effect is better. These fibers have higher strength, elasticity, fluffiness, smooth feel, and light weight, similar to duvets, but at an affordable price. The thin fiber can be directly washed in a washing machine, and is not afraid of pressure and easy to store.

Appropriate people: The disadvantage of this fiber is that it is poor in hygroscopicity and is not suitable for allergic to chemical fiber. It is more suitable for young people to be single or double. In addition, children should not use this type of product, and it is better to choose pure cotton products.

Wool quilt - moisture absorbing, more care for the elderly

The main component of wool is protein, which is superior to cotton fiber in hygroscopicity, elasticity, gas permeability and heat preservation. The microclimate in the quilt can maintain the temperature and humidity suitable for the human body around the skin, and does not absorb dust or generate static electricity.

Adapt to the crowd: middle-aged and elderly people and those who are afraid of cold, weak, and sweaty, but the purchase is better after treatments such as anti-mite, deodorization and stereotypes. When washing, it is best to dry clean.

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