Shen Dong Hao Men "Happy May Day" 30% discount incoming attack, VIP discount off

In 2014, Shenzhen Dong Hao fashion business men's new products market, the design concept of the concept of Parisian feelings of style, heritage of French feelings and elegant style; classic business model with confidence, is designed for international fashion and successful men's fashion business and casual wear . In order to repay the love of the vast number of customers, Shen Dong Hao held "May Day festivals" activities, like May 1, big hit! More promotions and information, so stay tuned deep East Hao official website and WeChat! WeChat: deghomme First, the purpose of the event: May Day festivals Second, the event time: April 29 - May 5, 2014 Third, preferential ways: theme: "May Day 51" to participate in stores: Shenzhen, Dongguan , Huizhou District, Guangzhou District, Xinfeng shop, Chenzhou shop. Description of activities: 1. 2014 20% off a two-piece 30% off sale of goods, VIP card can be folded and then 9.5% 2. 2013 5% off goods, accessories 6% off .VIP non-foldable discount 3. 2012 items: short T: 80 yuan / piece, short lining and short-sleeved shirt: 120 yuan / piece; 2012 5% off sale of accessories (including pre-2012) 4. 2014 New 10% off on new accessories, VIP cards have a discount of 8. 5. The previous promotion stopped, the full implementation of the new promotional programs, the sale of goods in 2013 and 2012 discount, has been implemented. 6. After the event, 2014 20% discount on goods, VIP card can be folded and then 9.5% off Dong Hao Garments Co., Ltd. Issued: 2014/4/21 Deep Dong Hao design style Cool, classic details, with the theme of Paris feelings to convey the urban white-collar elite in the tight The pace of work to find the place to relax, the overall mix of more young fashion taste. Shenzhen deep so that consumers find their own style here, relax mentality, independent self-assertive, unfettered youth qualities, the pursuit of a unique fashion attitude, the young body contains a quality of life, the style strives for avant-garde, complete The concept of stylish and casual design, using natural materials, emphasizing personality details, style simple and crisp, with free heart, fashion metropolis young men's choice.

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